Dr. Deniz Tanıl Yücesoy

Assistant Professor at IZTECH Department of Bioengineering

Principal Investigator – Yucesoy Research Group

Horizon 2021 Marie Sklodowska-Curie IF Fellow


Decoding the Mother Nature’s physical and biological phenomena at the bio-solid interfaces will enable the development of functional biomaterials, hybrid bio/nano devices, and superior therapies. Working at the intersection of materials science, molecular biology & data science, our goal is to make accelerated strides in biomaterials research and innovation by seamlessly bridging biology and solid-state materials using high-throughput methodologies and computational tools.


Asst. Prof.Izmir Institute of Technology (Izmir, Turkey)(10/07/2020-Present)
Post-docUniversity of Washington (Seattle, WA) – Materials Science & Engineering  (03/01/2019-04/03/2020)
Supervisor: Mehmet Sarikaya, Prof. of Materials Sci. & Eng. (Adjunct in ChemE & Oral Health Sci.)


PhDUniversity of Washington (Seattle, WA) – Materials Science & Engineering(22/12/2014-14/12/2018)
Dissertation Title: Peptide-guided Dental Tissue Regeneration for Oral Care
Supervisor: Mehmet Sarikaya, Prof. of Materials Sci. & Eng. (Adjunct in ChemE & Oral Health Sci.)Minored in Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship (UW Foster’s School of Business)
MScUniversity of Washington (Seattle, WA) – Materials Science & Engineering(03/01/2012-19/12/2014)
Dissertation Title: Genetically Engineered Solid Binding Peptides for Surface Biofunctionalization
Supervisor: Candan Tamerler, Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics (Adj. Materials Sci & Eng.)
MScIstanbul Technical University (Istanbul, TR) – Molecular Biology & Biotechnology(15/09/2009-15/11/2011)
Dissertation Title: Multifunctional Formate Dehydrogenase Fusion Protein Binds to Gold Surface with Improved Reaction Kinetics
Supervisor: Ayten Yazgan Karatas, Professor of Molecular Biology
BSIzmir Institute of Technology, (Izmir, TR) – Molecular Biology & Genetics(15/09/2005-15/06/2009)